The restaurant

Jazz music in the restaurant with many portraits of famous jazzmen...
People hard about food will like our half board formula : a daily menu inspired by original ideas of the chef.

Breakfast each morning is a wonderful treat
A dazzling array of pastries, different sorts of fresh breads, cured meat, fresh cottage cheese, local cheese, cereals, dairy products... including the chef's delights : cookies, "cannelés"... or other cakes brought out of his inspiration.
For drinks also, there is a copious choice : coffee freashly ground, a range of teas and herbal teas, hot chocolate, cold and hot milk and several varieties of fruit juices.

For lunch or dinner, some tasty ideas from our menu :

Examples of ...

First course :

- Plain foie gras de canard, cherry chutney
- Tomatoe gazpacho, grissini with sesame seeds
- Asparagus with honey and hazelnut dressing
- Mix of home smoked salmon and chopped raw salmon
- Board of  mountain cold cuts, 
- Melon with ham
- Small grilled squids with chopped parsley

Second course :

In the traditionnal way...
- Traditionnal tartiflette, young salad greens 
- Three cheese fondue, young salad greens

To discover...
- Shoulder of lamb cooked 7 hours with lemon confit
- Braised veal chuck with onions and mushrooms
- Fried beef sirloin with pepper sauce.
- Beef tartare prepared by our chefs
- Cod with olive oil dressing.
- Scallop brochette with lemongrass

Finest touch course :

- Seasonal cheese board
- Pallet of sorbets
- Melted dark chocolate cake
- Baked apple with a shortbread cookie and vanilla  ice cream
- Raspberry millefeuille
- Strawberries with red wine sauce
- Blueberry tart

And daily suggestions of the head chef.

For children, a selection of simpler courses is available.

To accompagny your meal, a wide range of wines are suggested (about 80). 
The tasteful journey can begin in one of the famous French vineyards regions (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Côtes du Rhône, Champagne) , go on closer to home in the different Savoy vineyards, or discover neighbouring countries such as Italy or Spain, or perhaps you prefer to discover wines from further afield, such as Australia or California.

* to be consumed with moderation

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